BBC Worldwide Launches Global iPlayer in Canada

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The Canadian VOD subscription service will offer iPad users current and classic programming from the Beeb.

WHISTLER, B.C. - The BBC has launched a Canadian version of its on-demand video service, the Global iPlayer.

BBC Worldwide added Canada to its global footprint for the monthly VOD subscription service for iPad users that offers a range of current and classic BBC programming.

The Canadian VOD service will cost $8.99 a month, or $84.99 for a yearly subscription.

BBC Worldwide already launched its Global iPlayer in Australia in September 2011 and across western Europe in July 2011.

The U.S. launch of the BBC VOD service is expected to follow on the heels of the Australian and Canadian introduction as part of a one-year pilot phase.

The Global iPlayer, which is financed by BBC Worldwide, aims to generate additional revenue for the British pubcaster.

That distinguishes the global iPad app from the UK version of the iPlayer, which is a digital seven-day catch-up radio and TV service for license fee payers.

BBC Worldwide will also tailor the content on its Canadian iPlayer, based on local demand and available rights.

The Canadian edition out of the gates will feature classic BBC comedies like Yes, Minister, Blackadder and Fawlty Towers, and crime dramas like Whitechapel, Hustle and MI-5.