BBC1 top dog in U.K. spending


LONDON -- BBC flagship channel BBC1 wil be the highest-spending channel in the U.K. next with a budget of £1.1 billion ($2.1 billion), the broadcaster's governing body, the BBC Trust, said Monday as it published the broadcaster's annual service licenses.

Rival ITV is expected to spend about £820 million ($1.6 billion) over the same period.

BBC2 will have a budget of £434 million ($845.2 million), digital youth and entertainment channel BBC3 will have a budget of £91 million ($177.2 million) and arts and knowledge channel BBC4 will have £45.4 million ($88.4 million) to invest in programming.

Pro forma comparison with 2006 is not possible because of new departmental accounting procedures at the BBC, but the total amount to be spent on content in 2007 is expected to be modestly up from 2006 figures, a spokeswoman said.