Be Miley Cyrus for Halloween: Get the Foam Finger on Amazon

Amazon; Rick Diamond/Getty Images

The online retailer has everything you need to replicate her look from her racy VMAs duet with Robin Thicke, including a Beetlejuice costume for your male companion.

One of this year's hottest Halloween costumes will likely be a twerking Miley Cyrus, complete with foam finger -- and, in the case of brave couples, Robin Thicke from their VMAs duet ("the man behind the ass," as Cyrus referred to him in her Rolling Stone cover story).

But how do you get the Miley look, apart from sticking out your tongue -- a lot? And where do you get that foam finger?

Well, in the case of the latter, you can buy it from the same outlet that sells books, DVDs and other items:

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That's right, a foam finger, much like the one Cyrus touched herself and Thicke with during their racy VMA performance, is selling on Amazon for $14.99.

Doing Halloween on a budget? Not to worry. There's also a cheaper version available for $9.95.

Amazon also sells several versions of tank tops, T-shirts and sweatshirts (useful for wannabe twerkers in cold climates) with her bear bustier emblazoned on them.

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For your Robin Thicke costume, luckily the R&B singer chose to dress up like Beetlejuice, so all you'll need to replicate the outfit is a costume of Michael Keaton's movie character, with a black shirt.

This too, can be purchased on Amazon.

But, if you're after a more authentic Miley Cyrus look, has put together a DIY guide for replicating the ensemble from the "We Can't Stop" video, complete with french-fry-covered skull and money sandwich.