Bean beats back 'Hogs' challenge


Estimates on Sunday had "Wild Hogs" taking over as the weekend's overseas leader by besting "Mr. Bean's Holiday," but when final boxoffice returns were counted Monday, the Rowan Atkinson slapstick comedy was still the champion.

Universal Pictures International's "Holiday," which has seesawed with Warner Bros. International's violent Greek epic "300" for top honors in recent weeks, took in $13 million from 4,455 screens in 13 countries, according to Universal's final count. "Hogs" pulled in $12 million from 3,206 locations in 35 markets.

The Sunday estimate put Buena Vista International's "Hogs" at $11.5 million to "Holiday's" $10.5 million. The reversal of fortune is said to have been largely due to "Holiday's" $2.7 million No. 1 bow on 496 screens in France via Canal Plus, an opening originally estimated by Universal at just $800,000. "Holiday's" international cume has reached $114.4 million, while "Hogs" currently stands at $43.2 million.

With one more weekend to go before Sony's "Spider-Man 3" grabs a majority of international movie screens, there were a batch of new openings of mid-budget genre films as well as some ineffective leftovers as studios sought to slide in all possible dates before the summer tentpole deluge starts in May. The continuation of unseasonably warm weather in Europe and the end of school vacations in several markets also contributed to a moderate boxoffice weekend.

"Perfect Stranger," the Bruce Willis-Halle Berry thriller, added 15 new bookings, helping the film to a $8.9 million weekend from 3,400 screens in 59 markets for a cume to date of $21.6 million. Leading scores included No. 1 bows in Russia ($1.6 million from 247 screens) and Mexico ($740,000 from 248). It arrived No. 4 in Australia ($808,000 from 207), but failed to make the Top 10 in the U.K. in its second weekend after opening at No. 9.

In its weekend flirtation with first place, "Hogs" (17 new dates) opened No. 1 in Germany with $3 million from 584 screens and No. 2 in Italy ($1.2 million from 294), where Warner Bros. release of Italian film "Mio Fratello E'Figlio Unico" cemented first place with $2.1 million from 559 prints. "Hogs" came in No. 1 in Austria, Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia, and remained No. 1 in the U.K. for a second weekend with a market cume of $6.4 million in 10 days.

"Shooter," with Paramount Pictures International coming up with 25 new dates, pulled in $8 million from a total 2,680 screens in 45 markets to lift its international gross to $18.9 million. It arrived No. 1 in Australia ($1.2 million from 186), No. 2 in France ($1.2 million from 248), No. 6 in Germany ($600,750 from 252) and No. 6 in the U.K. ($854,552 from 305).

Warner Bros.' "300," a market leader for some five weeks, grossed an estimated $7.3 million over the weekend from 4,600 prints in 59 markets, raising its cume to $217.1 million. According to Warner Bros., it represents a drop of 47% from the prior weekend, with no new openings. Five weeks in the U.K. have thus far delivered $26.7 million; five in Spain, $18.9 million; six in Korea, $18.4 million; five in Italy, $14.4 million; five in France, $13.5 million; three in Germany, $12.3 million; and three in Australia, $11.9 million.

Warners' "The Reaping," which added six new key markets, recorded $6.4 million over the weekend from 2,575 prints in 39 markets, opening No. 3 in Korea ($1.3 million from 118); No. 3 in France ($682,000 from 197); No. 8 in the U.K. ($682,000 from 282; and No. 9 in Australia ($403,500 from 133). Its position in Germany was unreported as it opened to a meek $246,000 from 201 prints.

The Danny Boyle-directed sci-fi entry from 20th Century Fox, "Sunshine," added 15 new openings, resulting in a weekend take of $5.7 million from 3,042 screens in 44 markets, lifting the cume to $18.1 million. It arrived No. 2 in Spain ($960,000 from 299), No. 2 in Korea ($406,000 from 129), No. 5 in Germany ($670,000 from 443) and No. 5 in Italy ($437,000 from 250).

The animated "Meet the Robinsons," with 50% of its openings yet to come (according to BVI), reached a cume of $42 million after taking in $3.8 million over the weekend. Korea provided $385,000 from 103 screens, with 50% of the boxoffice coming from 3-D locations, BVI said. Australia has grossed $5.9 million to date in four weekends; the U.K., $7.6 million (also in four); and Brazil, $1.6 million in three.

"Music and Lyrics" reached a high note of $85.4 million following a weekend tally of $3 million from 1,700 prints in 47 markets. The Hugh Grant-Drew Barrymore starrer debuted No. 1 in Spain ($1.2 million from 307) but failed to crack the Top 5 in Japan ($598,000 from 214).

"Rocky Balboa," in its final Fox overseas date, opened No. 3 in Japan to $1.7 million from 311 screens, raising the international cume to $80.1 million.

Two Paramount offerings pulled in more than $1 million over the weekend, with "Blades of Glory" contributing $1.3 million in its third weekend in the U.K. (cume: $8.2 million) and "Disturbia" registering $1.3 million from four markets, including openings in Mexico and Argentina (cume: $3.6 million).

New Line's "The Number 23" opened No. 2 in Spain with $1.1 million from 295 screens (cume: $26.5 million).