'Bears' Trailer: Meet a Family of Wild Animals (Video)

The first look at Disneynature's upcoming Earth Day documentary gives viewers a look at life in the wilderness.

Who knew wild bears could be so adorable?

But that's exactly how they seem in the trailer for Disneynature's upcoming Earth Day documentary release, Bears.

In the trailer, viewers meet a bear named Sky and her newborn brood and are taken inside their cave to see the paws and faces of the cubs.

As a voice-over explains, the film "follow[s] them on the most important journey of their lives."

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The trailer stresses how the bears are just like any other family, with the voiceover saying that the movie will tell "a story all parents share about the love, the joy, the struggle and the strength it takes to raise a family."

The clip, soundtracked by Phillip Phillips' "Home," also features bears frolicking in the snow and walking through a stream hunting salmon as well as panoramic views of the wilderness and snow-covered mountains. The only scene of bears fighting makes it seem like the animals are just protecting their families.

The movie opens on April 18, 2014. If you see the movie opening week, Disneynature will make a donation to the National Park Foundation.

The film is Disneynature's sixth Earth Day documentary, following Earth, Oceans and other titles.