Beastie Boys Producer Says There's More Unreleased Material

Phil Andelman

Mario C says fans can look forward to never-before-released tracks from the group, whose founder Adam Yauch died on May 4.

The Beastie Boys may have lost founder and rapper Adam "MCA" Yauch on May 4, but according to longtime producer Mario Caldato, Jr (Mario C), new music from the band will someday make its way into the world.

The producer has worked on four of the band’s albums in the 1990’s and will be forever immortalized in the song “Intergalactic” in the lyric Mario C likes to keep it clean." He has also performed with the trio doing front of the house mixing in concerts.

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Mario C tells NME that there are tracks that could be released in the future. “There’s a handful of extra stuff from each record apart from Paul’s Boutique,” he says. “I actually went through it all recently and checked out a few things that weren’t used for Hello Nasty and there’s definitely two or three tracks that didn’t get utilized that could be utilized."

The tracks, however, will not be released anytime soon. “We’ll take it slowly,” he says, “No one’s thinking of doing anything right away. It’s too soon.”

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Mike D has previously said the band had recorded with Yaunch shortly before his death last month. Mario C, speaking of the recording session, said, “The guys told me that he wanted to record. So they hung out and did what they used to do—just lay it down and have fun.”