Stay the Night on a Beatles-Inspired Yellow Submarine Floating Hotel

The 80-foot tribute to the Fab Four is docked in the legendary band's hometown of Liverpool and features a very '60s interior.

UK businessman and hotelier Alfie Bubbles has made one of the Beatles’ most iconic songs, "Yellow Submarine," a reality. Fans of the Fab Four can now live -- or at least spend a night or two -- in a submarine that has been converted into a hotel and painted to replicate the Beatles’ famous album cover.

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The floating 80-foot submarine is currently docked at Albert Dock in the Beatles’ hometown of Liverpool. Bubbles purchased the submarine from Paramount Pictures. It was originally used for the 1990 thriller The Hunt for Red October, starring Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery.

The interior is very 60s, with leather couches, zebra print pillows and plates and multi-colored, swirling paintings on the walls. Several modern touches have been added, though, including 3D TVs and WiFi. There are just three bedrooms in the hotel, with various Beatles memorabilia spread throughout. There’s even a scooter from The Who film Quadrophenia in the lounge.

Bubbles, who also owns a limousine company, ran a freight company for thirty years before he came up with the idea of a floating hotel. His first creation, The Joker Boat, is moored next to the Yellow Submarine. The boat, which was used by Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the 1989 Batman (all the scenes with the boat were actually cut from the film), features many of the same amenities as the Yellow Submarine as well as a fully fitted Italian kitchen. Bubbles plans to create a whole fleet of floating hotels, taking on larger ventures like the Titanic and the Black Pearl, and to have them open as early as Easter next year.

Stays in the Yellow Submarine start at $230/night for weeknights.

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