Beau Bridges joins 'Rockford' revamp

Actor will play Jim Rockford's father and closest friend

Beau Bridges is set to co-star opposite Dermot Mulroney on NBC's "Rockford Files" reboot.

"Rockford," written and executive produced by "House" creator David Shore and executive produced by Steve Carell, stars Mulroney as roguish private detective Jim Rockford.

Bridges will play his father and closest friend, Rocky, a truck driver for thirty years who always helps his son in a tough situation, though he tends to offer a commentary that Jim doesn't always appreciate. Noah Beery, Jr. played the role on the original series.

"Rockford" marks Bridges return to NBC where he recently played the father of another title character on comedy series "My Name Is Earl."

On the show, he played Earl's (Jason Lee) dad Carl, earning an Emmy nomination for his recurring turn.
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