Beaune Film Festival to Honor 'Die Hard' Director John McTiernan

AP Photo/Nick Ut
John McTiernan

The filmmaker will get a career tribute and give a master class at the French festival focused on thrillers.

Die Hard director John McTiernan will get a career tribute at France's Beaune International Film Festival in March, organizers announced Friday.

The director of Predator, The Hunt for Red October and The Thomas Crown Affair also will give a master class at the festival.

Organizers called him a "master of the high-energy blockbuster and a special-effect genius before the all-digital era" and a "director of some of the best action movies and thrillers in Hollywood history.

The festival will pay homage to French director Bertrand Tavernier as well, and Oscar-nominated writer-director Daniele Thompson (Cousine Cousine) will serve as president of the jury. The festival in the capital of France's Burgundy wine country focuses on thrillers.

The Deauville Film Festival paid tribute to McTiernan back in September, where he gave a biting political indictment of the state of the U.S. political and prison system as part of his acceptance speech.

In Deauville, which focuses on American films, the director asked the audience to examine the current works coming out of the U.S., saying it was embroiled in "a second civil war" and massive transfer of wealth through mass incarceration.

"All are predominantly poor white, poor brown and poor black people. And that is the point. … That is the engine of the machine because these people forever are disenfranchised. They can never vote," he said. "Taking 15 percent of the electorate out of the electorate is enough to control anything."

McTiernan has been outspoken since being released from a minimum-security federal prison a little over a year ago. He served 10 months for lying to an FBI officer in the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping case.