'Beauty and the Beast' Trailer: Emma Watson Meets Dan Stevens and Live-Action Characters

"The master's not as terrible as he appears."

Disney kicked off Monday morning with a new Beauty and the Beast trailer, complete with comprehensive previews of the film's many characters.

The video includes memorable moments from the original 1991 animated film, as it shows when Emma Watson as Belle dances with Dan Stevens as the Beast, Kevin Kline's initial capture as Belle's father, and Luke Evans's Gaston and Josh Gad's sidekick Le Fou getting revved up to hunt down the Beast.

Plus, audiences get to meet the live-action versions of the castle's beloved objects: Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Ian McKellan as Cogsworth and Ewan McGregor as Lumiere.

The film also features Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette and Audra McDonald as Garderobe. Stanley Tucci will play a new character, Cadenza the grand piano.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17, 2017.