'The Beaver' (and Mel Gibson) Share a Marketing Poster


Troubled star hides behind his hand puppet star in image offered to international distributors.

Mel Gibson's next movie, The Beaver, might not have a release date. But the film's distributor has released images of the star obscured behind his hand puppet.

Gibson, whose face is almost entirely obscured, holds a sign in the image directing people to address any conversation to the puppet.

The movie, directed by Jodie Foster, centers around a depressed man who finds solace by wearing a beaver puppet on his hand.

Summit Entertainment is offering the images to international distributors at the AFM event in Santa Monica. According to a representative, the posters are meant to give potential distributors ideas around their own marketing of the film, and will not be an official poster.

The movie was due for a fall release but a decision on the release date was suspended in the wake of issues around Mel Gibson's personal life.

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