'Beavis and Butt-Head': What the Viewers Are Saying

"Beavis and Butt-Head"

The pair's return to television "may just be the greatest thing in all of 2011," wrote one fan on Thursday evening.

Beavis and Butt-Head returned to MTV after more than 10 years away from television, and this time Mike Judge's creations commented on more than music videos.

The duo made a splash with their anticipated debut on Thursday night and had critics and viewers buzzing. Reviews were mixed for critics. While one reviewer praised the return, saying, "It turns out that their brand of blunt but unexpectedly wise snark translates just as well to trashy reality shows as it did to trashy hair metal videos back in the day."

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Another another wasn't as nice, noting, "Visually the show hasn’t been updated at all, which is as it should be: teenage lethargy is perennial. But by the old measurements, the premiere episode is tepid and distant."

Many of the viewers who tuned into the episode had positive things to say, with several reminiscing about when the show aired in the 1990s. "Beavis and Butthead returning to television may just be the greatest thing to happen in all of 2011," wrote Jake Weber on Twitter on Thursday evening. "Beavis and Butthead haven't lost a step," said Alan Moyer.

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"Watching beavis and butthead season premiere!! Glad to finally have this awesome show back with new episodes," another wrote, while, Ken Goyette said "it feels like Beavis and Butthead never ended." "Laughing just as hard at Beavis and Butthead as I did when I was a teenager," said another TV watcher. Stephen Hopkins believed the time off may have been a good thing, tweeting, "I think Beavis and Butthead actually got funnier than it was before."

"Beavis and Butthead critiquing MGMT and Skrillex videos is the best thing ever," a viewer praised. Gary Yoshimitsu brought up past shows, saying, "I'm so glad Beavis And Butthead is back. If they bring back Daria, Celebrity Deathmatch, & more videos, I might off myself. lol." Another couch potato said, "Got to see a few moments of Beavis and Butthead, nearly choked on my cognac."

A Twitter user by the name of Lauren said, "Just turned on beavis and butthead and my mom goes 'hey that was ur favorite show when you were little' #raisedwell." Another posed a question: "Have Beavis and Butthead gotten smarter in the last 14 years...or have I gotten dumber?"

However, Beavis and Butt-Head had their share of critics. "I hate that Beavis and Butthead is back on TV," someone admitted during the East Coast viewing, calling the show "annoying." Tony Bruno wasn't buying into the show's jabs at current TV shows that have boosted MTV's stock. "Beavis and Butthead even acknowledging Jersey Shore makes it unfunny," he wrote.

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