Bebo partners welcome Open Apps


NEW YORK -- Bebo launched its Open Applications Platform on Wednesday, an initiative that will allow third-party developers, like NBC, to create applications for the social network.

At launch, 40 partners have signed up, including developers from NBC Universal. The network has created a "Most Like" application that will allow Bebo users to compare themselves to characters on NBC's "The Office."

Other partners include CBS and its Last.FM property, Yahoo, the NBA and the Gap.

The applications will be compatible with standards defined by Facebook, which, earlier this year, opened its social network to developers to create widgets and applications.

In addition, Bebo plans to integrate the platform with OpenSocial in early 2008. OpenSocial is a project, spearheaded by Google, which will provide resources and set standards for developers and social networks to make widgets and other applications available to a range of destinations. This platform counts Bebo, MySpace, Friendster and several other social networks and developers among its partners.

Last month, Bebo, the most popular social network in the U.K., announced its Open Media initiative, which allows content companies to put material on the site and keep all the ad revenue generated. CBS, ESPN, Yahoo, MTV, Turner Broadcasting Systems and the BBC were all launch partners in this project.