'Beer in Hell' gets big-screen treatment


NEW YORK -- Tucker Max will adapt his bawdy best-seller "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" into a big-screen comedy with director Bob Gosse.

"Hell," now No. 12 on the New York Times best-seller list after a three-year run, chronicles Max's alcohol-fueled true adventures. The film will follow his trip to a friend's bachelor party, where he ensnares the groom in a lie that threatens the wedding, then abandons him to pursue further carnal knowledge. After being banned from the nuptials, Max attempts to get back into his friend's good graces.

Pinkslip Pictures' Max Wong ("Bring It On") and Karen Firestone will produce with the Collective's Aaron Ray ("Big Momma's House"), Max and co-screenwriter Nils Parker. Gosse previously helmed "Niagara Niagara."

Max rose to fame after launching TuckerMax.com in 2002, garnering millions of unique site visitors to read his short stories and a $300,000 advance for his Penguin Books memoir.

But Max's road to the screen has been a long one. In 2003, he sold a TV pilot based on his site and book to Fox and then NBC, but rights quickly reverted back to him after a regime change. Three years later he sold the show to Sony, and Comedy Central bought the pilot, but the deal was canceled after a dispute with Sony about feature film rights.

The privately financed feature begins shooting June 2 in Louisiana. Collective Films reps the worldwide rights to the film.