Supermodel Behati Prinsloo Levine Talks Beauty and Her New SK-II Skincare Campaign

Behati Prinsloo at Launch Of Behati Juicy Couture Black Label  GETTY - H 2016
Michael Stewart/Getty Images

The Namibian Victoria's Secret Angel and wife of Adam Levine shares her beauty must-haves and talks social media.

Luxe Japanese skincare label SK-II continues its impeccable track record of attracting beautiful faces to represent its products, adding Namibian supermodel Behati Prinsloo Levine — Victoria's Secret Angel and wife of musician Adam Levine — to the family that includes Cate Blanchett.

The new campaign launching today, dubbed #OneBottleAwayFrom, is a series of day-in-the-life films featuring the model alongside two other personalities, K-Pop singer Choi Soo Young and Chinese actress Li Qin, as they use the brand’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence.

Prinsloo Levine's film has her driving around L.A., doing yoga, on the beach and, of course, properly patting on the essence and incorporating it into her daily routine.

"I had always seen SK-II, it's such a luxury brand, and makeup artists used it at shoots on me — the sheet mask or moisturizer — so I've had it in my job, but I had never used it religiously to the point I’m doing now." It speeds up her routine, she says, which is even more appreciated now that she's a new mom, and makes it easy to tone, hydrate and add radiance to her typically dry skin in one step. 

Because she has fairly sensitive skin, Prinsloo Levine keeps her beauty routine simple and clean, and doesn't wear makeup unless it's needed for work or an occasion out (in which case she loves to do a sexy smoky eye). "I don't like a lot of chemically induced products," she says.

And yes, even supermodels get pimples. "We have so much makeup on all the time for work, and people use different brushes on us, so I struggle with keeping it super clear and not having a blemish." When she does breakout, her go-tos are tea tree oil and a sulfur clay mask (she's fond of Mario Badescu’s Drying Mask) on the problem spots, overnight. "The next morning hopefully it's gone!"

Her other must-haves include rose water spray, a good BB cream to smooth skin tone, coconut oil as lotion, SK-II R.N.A. Power Eye Cream, and lip balm by Windsor Edwards, which was something friend Lily Aldridge turned her on to when she was pregnant. "It's all-natural, and I think she gave me like 20 of them. Now I can't live without it — if I travel I take five so if I lose one I have four more. There's peppermint and eucalyptus so it's a little cooling, it feels really good and I’m obsessed with it."

While she's diligent about her skincare, Prinsloo Levine says her diet is much less strict. It's in this area she inspires a little envy, along with admiration: "I think in genetics I’ve always been lucky," she says, adding that she grew up eating healthy but has a weakness for salty foods. "I eat everything in moderation. Obviously you can't only have burgers every day or French fries at every meal, but I don't deprive myself at all." When a big shoot is coming up, especially one for lingerie, she steps up her workout regimen — a blend of yoga with the founder of L.A.'s new Roam studio, Pilates, Body by Simone, hikes near but not at Runyon Canyon and, in the summer, beach walks and paddle-boarding — and cuts out water-retaining salty snacks for the week before "so at least I know I'm going to feel confident." 

Although Prinsloo Levine has been in the modeling business a long time, she's somehow maintained a healthy view of beauty and body. Post-pregnancy she realized how incredible the human body is but faced the challenge of motivating herself to get back to the gym after having her daughter, Dusty. "You're so tired and breastfeeding every three hours, and where do you have the time, but I see other moms doing it, so I can do it, it's not the end of the world," she says. "I realized I can do something for myself, I don't have to be totally selfless because I'm a mom now."

She does think about how to approach these ideas with her daughter when she's older, and her biggest concern is making sure Dusty doesn't see only generic messages about what beauty is. "I wouldn't want her to go on Instagram and just see one form of beauty, I would like her to find her own way and not feel like she needs to be a model or an actress — see what her interests are other than what her parents do," muses the catwalk star. "Because I'm a model it's hard, she's obviously going to be exposed to the industry, but I think if you use it the right way the industry is an amazing platform, and I've had so many opportunities and traveled the world and am where I am today because of it."

The model with 5.1 million Instagram followers also has a prediction: "I think by the time she's a teenager, the world would have shifted a little bit and social media is going to be old news. Instagram and Twitter are such new things and huge platforms in this current time, but hopefully it will not be as intense as it is now."