'The Being Experience' Puts Terrence Howard in the Woods (Exclusive Video)

The actor talks about temptation in a clip for the upcoming film collection, which puts actors, filmmakers and musicians in unfamiliar environments.

In Jennifer Elster's film series The Being Experience, actors, musicians and others are challenged to venture out into the woods without knowing their destination. This leads many of them to be very pensive about themselves and their lives.

Here, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a clip from the film, which features actor Terrence Howard speaking into the camera while out in the woods.

"We tempt ourselves by our own desires," he says. "Is a fish in danger because you put a worm on a hook in the water, and it's in a nice little hidden spot under a rock? It's not in any danger. It's only in danger if it wants that worm on that hook."

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After speaking about temptation for a bit, Howard -- whose upcoming films include The Butler and The Best Man Holiday -- says, "Let's go to the cave. I want to see what part of me lies in that cave."

The video ends with a quick image of Famke Janssen (Jean Grey from the X-Men series) walking in the woods.

The Being Experience has gathered an impressive number of stars for the film collection, including Howard, Janssen, Alan Cumming, Questlove, Dave Matthews and Moby. It also features vocalizations by Yoko Ono. The film series will appear on various platforms as its released.

The first installment from the series, "...In the Woods," premieres on Tuesday on The Being Experience website.

Watch the exclusive clip above.