Bejar pieces together ninth Destroyer album


NEW YORK -- Singer-songwriter Dan Bejar will return in the spring with his ninth full-length record as Destroyer, "Trouble in Dreams." The 11-song set is due March 18 via Merge and includes two songs that date back to Bejar's work with Swan Lake and his previous album, "Destroyer's Rubies."

"It was unclear what the majority of the 'Trouble In Dreams' songs were going to sound like," Bejar said. "While the bulk of 'Rubies' was mapped out in the practice space, there is an unforeseen 'orchestral' element that reared its head" on the new effort.

Bejar's recent output has been prolific, with recent records by his other mainstay the New Pornographers, the Swan Lake collaboration with Wolf Parade and Frog Eyes principles, as well as a project due this month titled "Hello, Blue Roses," that features his partner, Sydney Vermont.

"I think I'm learning more and more about the recording process as these records beneath my belt start to pile up," Bejar said. "Maybe having done all these records, and being conscious of the fact that I am working with players and 'producers' who are really good at what they do, gave me the confidence to try and record an album of songs, the bulk of which I had no idea how they were supposed to 'go.' "

Bejar plans to take Destroyer on the road in April and May, with dates to be announced.

Here is the "Trouble in Dreams" track list:

"Blue Flower/Blue Flames"
"Dark Leaves Form a Thread"
"The State"
"Foam Hands"
"My Favorite Year"
"Shooting Rockets (From The Desk of Night's Ape)"
"Introducing Angels"
"Leopard of Honor"
"Plaza Trinidad"
"Libby's First Sunrise"
"Dancefloor Destroyer"