Bel Air Mansion Once Listed at $250M Finally Sells for $94M

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When 924 Bel Air was first listed, it set a new standard for extreme, over-the-top opulence.

What was once the splashiest listing in the country — introduced to the market almost three years ago for $250 million — 924 Bel Air Road has finally sold for $94 million.

While it’s a dramatic reduction, the price tag still ranks as one of the highest home sales in Los Angeles County history and is a win for the developer, Bruce Makowsky. The four-story, 38,000-square-foot home has 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms and an 85-foot infinity pool with a swim-up bar and was marketed with $30 million in luxury vehicles. 

According to a source, the buyer purchased much of the furniture for around $7 million, which pushed the total price of the home plus furniture over $100 million. The mansion sold to an unknown buyer who is French Moroccan. 

When 924 Bel Air was first listed, it set a new standard for extreme, over-the-top opulence and at $250 million was the highest-priced listing in the country. Makowsky had previously sold Swedish video-game billionaire Markus Persson a Beverly Hills mansion for $70 million in 2016, and at that point it seemed like the sky was truly the limit when it came to what buyers would shell out for a home. 

"I am not a mercenary — I would love for the buyer to be someone from California, maybe a Geffen or a Spielberg," Makowsky told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. "This is what Hollywood is all about. Who is not going to be wildly impressed when they see this?"

But timing wasn’t totally on Makowsky’s side as L.A.’s luxury real estate market was starting to show nascent signs of cooling. A year later, he chopped the price to $188 million, and then trimmed it again to $150 million. 

Still, the $94 million figure makes it the third-highest home sale this year. In July, Petra Ecclestone sold the Manor for $119.75 million, which set a new record for the highest home sale price in California history.

Hilton & Hyland's Branden and Rayni Williams had the listing.