Belgian 3D group XDC buys FTT

German service company bought by driver of 3D conversion

COLOGNE, Germany -- XDC, the Belgian-based group leading the 3D rollout in European cinemas, has bought German digital service company FTT.

The deal, signed at the end of last year, makes XDC majority shareholder in the German group. FTT managing partner Thomas Ruttgers has become a shareholder in XDC International and joined the company's supervisory board.

XDC is major driver of 3D conversion in Europe, providing financing and equipment to exhibitors, as well as a virtual-print-fee model that ensures distributors will share the costs of new equipment with the cinemas. XDC has VPF deals with all six Hollywood majors for a maximum of 8,000 screens across Europe. In Germany, the company currently services some 100 VPF screens.

FTT provides the bolts and bytes services for cinemas – installing or upgrading digital technology for movie houses across the country.