Belgium's Pukkelpop Festival Storm: Bands, Concertgoers React


The music fest was canceled after at least five people were killed as two stages were ripped apart.

Fans, bands and record labels took to Twitter to offer condolences after a sudden storm killed at least five and injured 140 at Belgium's Pukkelpop Festival Festival Thursday. The sudden, violent storm ripped apart two stages, tore video screens down and knocked down trees.

"Pukkelpop is in deep mourning. We truly sympathize with the families and friends of the victims. Words are not enough," the festival wrote on its homepage before announcing the rest of the three-day fest would be canceled.

The news comes just days after a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair moments before Sugarland was due to perform.

Here's what people are saying:

foofighters Foo Fighters
Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the tragic events at Pukkelpop. For information +32 (0) 11 23 97 11

modestep Modestep
Now that you've gone, to the stars. Now that the storm, has finally calmed. Pukkelpop 2011 - Pay your respects

NMEmagazine NME Magazine
'I've never seen a storm like that' - how the #pukkelpop stage collapse unfolded

bmthofficial Bring Me The Horizon
our thoughts go out to the victims @Pukkelpop today. to all our fans: everyone from #BMTH who was here is OK. thx for the concern #pukkelpop

30STMVOTE 30secondstomars AVI
#SOLDIERS: We will pay tribute to the victims of Pukkelpop by trending Echelon4Pukkelpop in 9 hours! R-T this.

thetings Thetingtings
Feeling so helpless at Pukkelpop. We're so saddened by the news of 5 fatalities & countless injured. Our thoughts are with you all. J K

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone affected at Pukkelpop. We're shocked and speechless.
3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

GoodCharlotte Good Charlotte
We are deeply saddened by the horrible events that happened yest at Pukkelpop. Our hearts go out to the victims families & those recovering

polydorrecords Polydor Records
Our thoughts go to the victims, their families, those injured + all affected by the tragedy at Pukkelpop.

LittleDragon little dragon
no pukkelpop today....makes sense. R.I.P to those who passed away in the storm our hearts go out to everyone effected.

vickytcobra Victoria Asher
My heart goes out to anyone injured and the families who lost a loved one at Pukkelpop. Very scary footage I've seen.

annacalvi Anna Calvi
It's so tragic to hear people lost their lives at Pukkelpop, all our thoughts go out to their families - Anna, Mally, Dan

fthc Frank Turner
Totally gutted about Pukkelpop, and very sad about loss of life and injury. Not much more to say right now.

TheSwellers The Swellers
Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone affected by the Sugarland and Pukkelpop stage collapses. Such a terrible/scary thing.

JoelMadden Joel Madden
My thought and prayers go out to everyone hurt here at Pukkelpop today. Very sorry it turned to such as sad day.

To our Fans and Friends at Pukkelpop, we hope you are all safe x

elizadoolittle Eliza Doolittle
Really hope everyone is ok at's gone very eerie on our bus...we're all very worried.

gallowsofficial Gallows Official
Shocked and saddened to hear about what's happened at Pukkelpop festival today.