Bellacures Launches Cannabis 'Canna-Cure' Manicures and Pedicures

Courtesy of Bellacures

The posh nail salon has jumped on the CBD wellness bandwagon.

As someone who never really went through a hippie phase or noodle danced through the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show, I’ve been somewhat dubious about the rising popularity of cannabis merchandise in fashion and beauty because of the previously crunchy manner in which marijuana-related products were branded.

Well, between the statewide legalization of marijuana in California and the chic- (yes, chic) looking and plenty potent accessories, salves and edibles from companies like Beboe, Lord Jones and To Whom it May Concern, these products are reaching a whole new demographic of people who are enjoying the look and feel of their effects. 

CBD oil specifically, has made a major entree into the beauty and wellness world as a topical salve or lotion to relieve pain without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Posh nail salon Bellacures has jumped on the CBD bandwagon introducing the Canna-Cure service in their Los Angeles outposts. Launching Nov. 1, the Canna-Cure will be available to anyone who loves a good CBD scrub, bath bomb and lotion worked into their usual mani-pedi routine.

The cannabis concept is one that aligns with the Bellcures mission of providing relief and relaxation from everyday tension, says Bellacures owner Gerard Quiroga, adding, “With the legalization of cannabis in California, we wanted to offer our clients a new way to feel relaxed and refreshed.  There is so much buzz around the cannabis industry, we thought it was a great time to incorporate cannabis into a service.” 

I decided to try the service at my local Bellacures and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no trace of patchouli oil lacing my chair or anyone burning Nag Champa incense near by.

Instead, dotting the spacious mani-pedi station was a line up of products from cannabis lifestyle brand, Kush Queen, including a CBD-infused chocolate, a large tub of bath bombs, lotion and a scrub.

Ingesting the chocolate had no noticeable affect on me (good thing because I had a conference call scheduled 45 minutes later), plus studies have shown its main benefit is as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic substance, but the heart-shaped chocolate was a nice touch for creating a robust sensory experience.

The nail technician dropped a Kush Queen Relax bath bomb in the pedicure foot bath, which gave the water a slightly silken texture, but it was truly the foot and arm massage that I felt took this service to a, ahem, higher lever.

After executing the standard mani and pedi, each technician combined the CBD scrub with a dollop of grape seed oil and massaged my feet, hands and arms. A hand and foot massage would feel glorious to me even if done with some dull sandpaper, but the CBD oil plus massage was pure bliss.

The scrub was followed up with even more massaging, this time with Kush Queen Melt lotion, which as its name suggest makes your extremities feel as though they’re liquefying. 

At this point, I didn’t care if or how my finger and toe nails were painted, but some red lacquer was brushed onto all them and if it weren’t for the threat of an expired parking meter, I would have remained in my sunken position for another hour. 

The treatment isn’t cheap — $50 for a canna-manicure and $55 for a canna-pedicure. But it’s a luxurious treat to get yourself after being in heels this holiday and red carpet season. The service could also make a great holiday gift for the chic stoner in your life or anyone who enjoys a serious scrub down with the added benefits of CBD.