Belongings: Kelly Lamb x Des Kohan Pottery

Kelly Lamb Vase - P 2013
Des Kohan

Kelly Lamb Vase - P 2013

The L.A. east side artist teamed up with the exclusive L.A. retailer on a three-piece collection of geometric ceramics, available now.

They say it takes two to make a thing go right. And in the case of artist Kelly Lamb's exclusive pottery collection for L.A. boutique Des Kohan, whoever "they" are would be correct. 

Lamb (who has worked on ad campaigns for Ferragamo and is best known for her trippy geode-shaped terrariums and birdhouses) has just teamed up with former Prada and Gucci trend forecaster Desiree Kohan (whose eponymous, conceptual Miracle Mile shop has fans in Marisa Tomei and Rashida Jones) on a three-piece pottery collection, exclusive to the retailer. 

"She's always shopped at the store," Kohan tells THR of her relationship with Lamb, who works out of the 1923 Silver Lake compound once owned by silent film star Antonio Moreno. The duo began talking at a book signing in 2010, and the artist -- also known for the bold, black and white design of popular Sunset Junction Mexican restaurant Malo -- invited Kohan to visit her studio. It was while looking over the city from the property's "insane" hilltop views the pair decided a collaboration was in order. 

The collection features two distinct geode designs available in two sizes -- a 6.5 inch gunmetal-glazed ceramic hexagon planter and a pint sized, less angularly-exact bud vase available in the same shiny metallic as the larger planter and also a matte white finish. 

"I'm obsessed with vintage Rosenthal, so I really wanted matte," Kohan says of her favorite fine china. 

The bud vase is $50 while the planter is $98. To fill them, Kohan offers a helpful tip for not-quite-green thumbs whose idea of the great outdoors is the top of Runyon Canyon. 

"I always take my vases to Anawalt Lumber ( and have them plant my succulents. They always do it better than I ever could myself," she says. The whole shebang ends up costing less than $15 -- plant and soil included. And, for an extra dose of style, Kohan suggests employing this unique touch: "Ask them to put matte white pebbles on top of the soil. It's super chic." 


Available at Des Kohan, 671 Cloverdale Ave., Los Angeles. 323-857-0200.