Belongings: Lucy Folk's Juicy Jewelry

Lucy Folk
FRESH: From left, Grande Ananas necklace, $450; Blood Orange & Sun Rise Cocktail earrings, $230; Ananas Earrings, $325.

The Australian designer -- worn by Elle Macpherson and Chloe Moretz -- launches her latest playful, fruit-themed collection at L.A.'s Tenoversix.

When it comes to summer produce, California has everyone beat. And now that Melbourne-based jewelry designer Lucy Folk has brought her brand of metallic crocheted pineapples, currant seed studs and woven watermelon collars to L.A. accessory mecca Tenoversix (her first time selling at a brick-and-mortar establishment in town), the fruit capital of the country is juicier than ever. 

Since launching her line in 2008, the blonde, beachy designer has been known for quirky, culinary-themed wares (past collections have included pizza slices and Bento boxes full of "sticky rice" bracelets). And her latest offerings -- dubbed "Tropicalismo"  -- are focused on fruit. 

"Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality," Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant told a crowd of revelers (which included super stylists Karla Welch and Jessica de Ruiter) at an in-store event celebrating Folk's L.A. arrival earlier in the summer. She rocked a fruit-festooned collar with unique panache, while actresses Gia Coppola and Nathalie Love and fellow jeweler Gabriela Artigas looked on.

Folk herself has always been into pieces that convey whimsy, and compares her native land down under to our own sun-kissed city, sartorially speaking at least.   

"I love L.A.," the bubbly designer said while surveying her display at TenOverSix, which is co-owned by stylists Kristen Lee and Brady Cunningham, aka Mrs. Jason Schwartzman. "The sensibility between here and [Australia] is so similar, so now is a good time to bring my pieces here." 

The goods start at $45 for a colorful, metal mesh chain bracelets and go up to $420 for a multicolored metal chain complete with a trio of metallic crocheted pineapples (slightly more than produce prices at Gelson's, but not by much). 

Unlike actual fruit, Folk's pieces promise to stick around long after farmers market season ends, with the likes of L.A.-based Clover Canyon and Dolce & Gabbana showing subdued forms of from-the-earth edibles for both fall and resort 2014. 

Available at Tenoversix, 8425 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles; and at