Belongings: Lulu Frost's Art Deco Costume Jewelry

Lulu Frost Jewelry - H 2013
Lulu Frost

Lulu Frost Jewelry - H 2013

Move over, Daisy Buchanan -- the New York-based designer's latest collection of playful Deco pieces are inspired by a trio of eccentric socialites from the past.

With The Great Gatsby finally hitting the big screen May 10, it stands to reason that Art Deco everything is all the rage this spring. Tiffany & Co., who worked with costume designer Catherine Martin to create pieces for the film, also released an Art Deco collection in its stores, while Brooks Brothers just announced a line of dapper, Jay Gatsby-appropriate suiting available this week. Joining the roundup of 1920s-esque offerings in a less obvious but still appropriate way is a collection of costume baubles from Lulu Frost, the New York-based jewelry label favored by Anna Della Russo, Amanda Hearst and Olivia Palermo

Titled "Let's Bring Back," the collection of vintage-inspired pieces takes cues from eccentric early 20th century style icons: Jazz Age socialite Nancy Cunard, who wore major stacks of African bangles way before tribal jewelry was a thing; Marquise Luisa Casati, who used to traipse the Venice canals in Italy with her pet cheetahs (complete with diamond-encrusted collars, natch); and Elsa Schiaparelli, the surrealist designer who was Coco Chanel's biggest nemesis and the subject of Cole Porter American standards. 

Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer created the collection in collaboration with style writer Lesley M.M. Blume (the duo hosted a dinner at Chateau Marmont earlier in the month that was attended by producer Keri Selig, Cassandra Grey and Minnie Mortimer)whose Huffington Post column and subsequent book series Let's Bring Back explores forgotten elements of style and society (opera gloves, anyone?). 

The collection features three distinct flavors, each tinged with the personality of their respective muse -- think colorful wooden bracelets a la Cunard and lobster brooches with a decidedly Schiaparelli-meets-Salvador Dali feel. But it's perhaps the pieces inspired by Casati that feel most in step with spring's Gatsby-mania with a selection of bold, emerald-hued fringe necklaces, Art Deco studs that would stand out against a Louise Brooks bob and steel-cut bracelets that resemble shoe clips from the '20s. 

Starting at $48 and topping out at $580, there's a likely option whether you're headed to one of Jay Gatsby's extravagant affairs or simply seeing a Baz Luhrmann movie on a Friday night. 

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