Belongings: The Man Repeller x Superga Sneakers

The tongue-in-cheek, CAA-repped fashion blogger unveiled her collaborative line of cool new kicks at Fred Segal in Santa Monica.


Personal style blogger Leandra Medine (AKA The Man Repeller) teamed up with Italian sneaker brand Superga to design a capsule collection of casual yet cool high-tops and low-tops for fall 2013. To kick things off, the company hosted a private soiree on August 15 with the 24-year-old blogger at Fred Segal’s Madison boutique in Santa Monica — complete with Michelle Pesche deejaying and a digital black-and-white photo booth. Guests, including editors and fellow bloggers, sipped cocktails and cool cucumber lemonade while previewing the line. Standout styles included bold red velvet (not for the faint of heart) and metallic flecked tweedy high-tops.

THR sat down with the CAA-repped blogger — whose first book is out in September — to talk about the shoe collection, her Italian mother and why  Superga's are her sneaks of choice.

The Hollywood Reporter: Why did you decide to collaborate with Superga?

Leandra Medine: Someone from Superga reached out to me about a year and a half ago to thank me for all of the unsolicited support I had been giving to the brand, because I was such a fan. I’ve been wearing Superga for a really long time. I wrote back and told them that I’d love to set something up and talk about working together. We had a meeting and I sort of rattled off a couple of ideas and then this came to fruition. 

THR : How involved were you in the design process?

LM: It’s not really a matter of design because the template already exists — it’s the same low-top or high-top. It was fabric sampling, which I loved. I picked every color and I was very adamant about having gold hardwear on some of the shoes versus silver on others. We also dabbled into doing different colored laces and longer laces. Overall, it was a really exciting project for me because I love the shoes so much.

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THR: What do you love most about Superga sneakers?

LM: I’ve always really liked Converse and I wear them a bunch, but for some reason I just feel a little bit more elegant in Supergas. They are a shoe of Italy and are very European. My mom is from Italy and she always wore them and put them on me, so maybe there is a little bit of nostalgia there. They just seem very chic and high-end even though the canvas pairs only run for $65.00. 

THR: Do you have a favorite pair from The Man Repeller X Superga collection?


LM: I love the white velvet ones that I did, but no one bought them, so they won’t be in stores. I’m the only one who has them! I also really love the red high tops.

The Man Repeller x Superga, $125 to $160 at Madison at Fred Segal, Neiman Marcus Direct, Bloomingdale’s, Shopbop, Zappos, Nordstrom Direct and in mid-August.