Ben Affleck Addresses Senate Run Rumors: 'I Got a Lot on My Plate' (Video)

Ben Affleck Face the Nation - H 2012

The “Argo” director tells "Face the Nation" he likes being involved in politics from outside the government.

During an interview with Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer slated to air Sunday, Ben Affleck addressed speculation that he will seek a U.S. Senate seat.

The Argo director played coy when asked by the CBS host if he would seek the Massachusetts seat currently held by John Kerry, a position that could become vacant should Kerry be nominated for U.S. Secretary of State, as many political observers expect he will be.

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"Massachusetts currently has two extraordinary senators,” Affleck said. “There is no vacancy.”

Affleck’s political profile has risen of late thanks to his latest film, Argo, as well as his work as the founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative. The actor-director was in Washington, DC, this week to testify before the House Armed Services Committee on the bloody conflict in the war-torn country.

Pressed further about his potential political ambitions, Affleck said he had a “great fondness and admiration for the political process,” but that he would not “get into speculation” about what his political future might hold.

“I’m really happy being involved from the outside in government, advocating for the Congolese,” Affleck said.

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He added that Argo had sparked dialogue about America’s relationship with Iran.

“As Hillary Clinton said, [Iran is] the most pressing foreign policy issue today. So, I got a lot on my plate.”

Face the Nation airs Sunday on CBS at 10:30 a.m.

Watch the video below.