Ben Affleck Shows His "Imax Penis" in 'Gone Girl'

Ben Affleck Gone Girl Still - H 2014
Twentieth Century Fox

Ben Affleck Gone Girl Still - H 2014

The Internet is going crazy

As if anyone needed more of an incentive to watch David Fincher's Gone Girl movie this weekend, now Ben Affleck has let it slip that he is completely naked in the film. 

"Correct me if I'm wrong, is this the debut of Ben Affleck's penis on the screen," MTV interviewer Josh Horowitz recently asked the actor. "I try to get it in every movie," joked Affleck, eventually adding, "The penis is in there."

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During the interview, Affleck made a lot of jokes, referring to his "Imax penis" that "costs extra" and "looks better in 3D." He also wanted it on the record that the set was freezing when the revealing scene was shot. Don't worry, Ben. No judgment here.

Understandably, the Internet has responded with joy and exact explanations of the shower scene where naked Affleck makes an appearance. Buzzfeed reports that Neil Patrick Harris also bares all in the film.

Time to buy ALL the tickets.