Ben Affleck Brings His A-List Friends to 'Live by Night' L.A. Premiere

Todd Williamson/Getty Images
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

The director had his brother, his best friend and his 'Justice League' co-star alongside him at the film's premiere and after party.

It's All About Ben. If there were a movie made about Live By Night's Los Angeles premiere on Monday, that would be a fitting title. 

Ben Affleck had his best friend Matt Damon, brother Casey Affleck and Justice League co-star Jason Momoa on hand to celebrate his new film Live By Night. And they weren't the only ones singing his praises. 

"He was very empathetic, very much in charge. He was able to fulfill every title he had: producer, writer, director, actor, very beautifully and very cleanly. It was amazing," Zoe Saldana told The Hollywood Reporter.

"He's a genius," said Elle Fanning. "I was nervous to work with him. I thought, 'What's it going to be like to do a scene with the director?' When you're in it, he's completely the character and you don't feel like he's critiquing or judging you. He flawlessly switches in and out, and it's amazing to watch."

Newcomer to the big screen, singer Miguel, joked, "He was shitty! He was horrible! No, no — he's exactly how he seems. He's very chill, easy going ... very clear and very focused. It was really awesome to watch him go from on-camera to off." 

The film is a classic gangster movie set during the Prohibition era. There's organized crime, love affairs, shoot outs, you name it. Affleck's onscreen partner, Chris Messina, touched on what makes a gangster movie work: "It's got to have fun. People like gangster films because they're seeing these people do things that they can't do in their life." 

The film's screening at TCL Chinese theater was followed by an after party with a live Mariachi band at the Roosevelt Hotel. At the themed celebration (which was similar to the Live by Night set), Momoa chatted it up with Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara. 

Miguel clinked glasses for a toast with his onscreen sister, Saldana, while bonding with her husband Marco Perego. As the revelry went on, Miguel played the role of photographer for Saldana and Christina Milian. 

Sienna Miller and Fanning bopped around, mingling with party guests. But the duo that stole show was Damon and his Manchester By the Sea star and day-old Golden Globe winner, Casey Affleck. 

Live By Night opens nationwide Jan. 13.