Ben Affleck Called Out for Censorship During 'Accountant' Press Junket

Victor Chavez

KTLA's Sam Rubin complained of restrictions on his questions and claimed journalists' interviews with Affleck were edited without their knowledge.

One journalist won't accept the level of censorship he saw at Ben Affleck's Accountant press junket. 

KTLA's Sam Rubin spoke about his experience on the air Tuesday, when he said that during Sunday's press junket, Rubin saw "something so shocking, something so unprofessional" that he had to rant about it. 

The junket's censorship, he said, "shows complete contempt not only for me, but for you," speaking directly to the viewers. 

During the interview, Rubin had veered into a conversation with Affleck about being constant tabloid fodder, when "the PR dope who is in the room actually interrupts us." The representative is heard asking him to "stick to the film" for his interview. 

"But wait, it gets worse," Rubin said. He said "studio people" were editing someone else's video interview they had just conducted because of a joke about drug use. "They were taking out a remark he had actually made of his own freewill and cutting it out of the interview they were giving to somebody, because they think you might not understand it, you might not get Ben's sense of humor, it might make him look bad." 

If he knew that would happen, he said, "I would never have gone to your junket. I would never have been involved with promoting a movie that's trying to censor reporters covering the movie ... you'll never hear me mention this movie ever again."