New York Film Fest: David Fincher Taught Ben Affleck Not to "Give a F—"

Ben Affleck at 'Gone Girl' Premiere - H 2014
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No more Mr. Nice Guy

These days Ben Affleck is just as well-known for his work as a director as he is for his roles in front of the camera. But the two-time Oscar winner takes a break from directing in his latest film, Gone Girl, starring as Nick Dunne, whose wife Amy goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary, with him quickly becoming the prime suspect in her presumed murder.

Affleck remarked to reporters ahead of Gone Girl's New York Film Festival world premiere that on set he enjoyed being able to let someone else deal with directing. But he was also able to learn from one of the best: two-time best director Oscar nominee David Fincher, who helms the eagerly anticipated movie adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel.

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And thanks to his director, Affleck, who's currently playing Batman, told The Hollywood Reporter that he is now determined to go after what he wants.

"The truth is David just doesn't give a f—. He's like, 'No, this is what we're doing.' It turns out, if you insist on what you want enough, it can happen," Affleck explained. "If you just demand that that's how you're gonna do it or that's how you're gonna do a job, the people that said no to you will be like, 'Oh, OK, I guess you can.' It amazed me."

Affleck explained that he'd always been "polite" and willing to compromise: " 'Oh it costs too much money; you can't do it in the movie,' and I go, 'Oh, that's too bad; let's try something else.' "

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But no more.

"From now on I'm not taking no for an answer," he said.

The Caped Crusader added that he "learned a ton" from Fincher and that he thinks the whole "not giving a f—" principle "applies to anything you do."

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"You come up against resistance in any job you have: 'You can't do that. You can't ask that question. You can't go to that thing. Don't say that. Don't go too far. Don't demand that stuff,' " he told THR.

Affleck's next set to direct (and write and star in) an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's Live By Night. It remains to be seen how much Fincher's philosophy will influence his work behind the camera.