Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Big Screen Reunion: What The Actors Are Saying

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The duo, who haven't worked together since their Oscar-winning turn in 1998's "Good Will Hunting," will team up to make a Whitey Bulger film.

Oscar voters look out. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have announced that they will be reuniting on the big screen 14 years after making Good Will Hunting together (which won the pair Oscars for their screenplay). 

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Damon is set to star as Whitey Bulger, the famed Boston fugitive who was arrested in Santa Monica, CA this past June after spending 16 years as an escaped fugitive. While actor-turned-director Affleck will helm and his younger brother Casey is also set to co-star.

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Both men have been vocal about their desire to work together over the years (they head up the Warners-based Pear Street Films together), but always blamed scheduling conflicts. But, last year they signed a first-look deal with Warners and the ball quickly got rolling.  

And, now, it's expected to gain momentum as there are a few Bulger projects already in the works

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"There are a couple of competing movies and I don't think it's been announced yet that we're doing it," Damon told GQ. "But the sooner it's announced the better, just because everyone else will back off, hopefully. I'm really excited about it."

Though, the film's trajectory has yet to be completely set. Damon says he doesn't yet know if he'll be playing the young version of Bulger. "If it's a straight biopic, we'll do it over a period of time. But it's always a question of what part of the story do you tell, and biopics are always a little cumbersome," he said. "So do we find another way in? We're still figuring it out."

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Working together is something the duo's been talking about for years. In 2004, Damon told MTV, "It's something we talk about every time we see each other," adding "It's been about seven years that we've both been working consistently. Having struggled so long through our teens and early 20s, it's kind of anathema to us to turn down work."

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Affleck has also addressed their working relationship over the years. We’ve been friends for 30 years. I can’t believe I’m old enough to say I’ve had a friend for 30 years," he told The Daily Mail in Feb. "But he is a friend, and a partner in a company we have together. He saw The Town in five different versions and each time he saw it he presented me with pages and pages of very smart notes. I’ve got to a stage in life where I have learnt who my real friends are. You don’t need many, you just need good, solid friends."

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