Ben Affleck Urges New Hampshire Residents to Vote in Funny or Die Video

Ben Affleck - Funny or Die - Screenshot - H - 2016
Screenshot/Funny Or Die

"Otherwise this whole damn nation is going to be cursed."

Ben Affleck went full New England in a new Funny or Die video to promote getting out the vote in New Hampshire.

“New Hampshire is wicked f—in' important in presidential politics," said the actor-director, in a thick Boston accent. He said that while usually he'd think the great people of New Hampshire are too good for this election, they should register to vote.

He continued: “So if you give a shit about women’s rights, if you care about keeping the environment safe for future generations, if you care about people getting to piss in the f—in' bathroom of their choice, then guess who’s got your back in this election? That’s right, my basically home state of New Hampshire."

Affleck said that because he's from Boston, which is in New England, New Hampshire is like his kid brother. He heaped praise on the state, talking about how beautiful it is. 

"Seeing as how this election is a bigger disaster than the New York Knicks, the people from New Hampshire are going to have to register and vote," added Affleck. "Otherwise, this whole damn nation is going to be cursed.”

He then stepped out of character for a moment, saying he didn't like mentioning curses, referring to the Boston Red Sox's supposed Curse of the Bambino. "There's jokes and then there's curses," said Affleck with faux seriousness.