Ben Affleck Recruits Boston-Based Training Crew for 'Batman' Beef-Up

Ben Affleck as Batman Twitter pic - H 2014

Ben Affleck as Batman Twitter pic - H 2014

For his role in the upcoming "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice," the actor has been working with trainers from his hometown — including Matt Damon's cousin.

This story first appeared in the June 6 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

A Damon helped Ben Affleck get the big muscles he's attained for his role in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Make that Jamie Damon, one of Affleck BFF Matt Damon's first cousins. Jamie is among a group of trainers, including Affleck's main sweat sergeant, Walter Norton Jr., who have been training the actor both in L.A. and on set for the superhero part.

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The crew aren't Hollywood trainers either, but hometown talent from the Institute of Performance Fitness, based in North Reading, Mass., near Boston.

Matt calls Jamie "a stud of a trainer."