Ben Affleck Screams as Man in Wonder Woman Costume Jumps Out and Scares Him on 'Ellen'

Ben Affleck Scared on 'Ellen' — H 2016
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

"I was genuinely scared by that."

Ellen DeGeneres added another victim to her scare scorecard on Wednesday's episode of her daytime talk show. Ben Affleck screamed in fright as a man dressed up as Wonder Woman popped out of a side table during his interview.

The actor was talking about whether or not Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) was a love interest for his Batman character in Batman v. Superman when the "superhero scare" occurred. Affleck not only yelled out but recoiled, and even appeared to push away his chair, as the fake Wonder Woman jumped out at him.

When DeGeneres played the clip back to him, Affleck was practically crying he was laughing so hard. "That was great," he said. "You'll show that to your son," said DeGeneres, laughing.

Earlier in the interview Affleck talked about how impressed his four-year-old son is that he's Batman. "My son thinks it's really cool," said Affleck, explaining that his son believes he's really Batman. "Eventually he's going to be in therapy like, 'He lied to me.' He thinks I'm in the bat cave now."