Ben Affleck Takes a Break at 'The Accountant' Premiere to Tune In to Boston Red Sox Game

Ben Affleck - The Accountant - Getty - H - 2016
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

There's one thing for certain about the actor and that's that he's a die hard Boston sports fan.

To some he's Batman, to friends and family he's just Ben, but to the Boston Red Sox, Ben Affleck is one of their biggest fans. 

And when he was offered the chance to tune in to the bottom of the ninth inning on Monday night, he took a break from the premiere of The Accountant on the red carpet to do so.

Unfortunately for Affleck and Red Sox die hard fans, the actor's live viewing and support from miles away didn't turn out a victory. So it was back to talking about the film. "This movie is a really different, exciting take on the genre. There's great twists and turns, great action, really humorous scenes and a pretty intense drama at its heart," Affleck told The Hollywood Reporter.

In the film, Affleck plays a genius accountant. So was math Affleck's best subject growing up in Boston? The actor joked to THR, "I was OK! I wasn't Good Will Hunting, but I was good enough. I was better at language arts, but I wasn't terrible. I got enough skills that I can still keep up with my daughter's fifth grade homework." 

Co-star J.K. Simmons, meanwhile, said: "I was [good] until I got to Algebra and then I arrogantly thought, 'Oh I can solve this problem without learning the theorems and bullshit. Why learn all that?'" His real favorite subjects though were, "Baseball, basketball and choir. I shouldn't say basketball because I sucked at it." 

Luckily for Simmons he didn't have to shoot hoops in the movie, but Affleck did have some intense fight scenes. "The action was the hard part," Affleck told THR. "I was working with a lot of real MMA fighters, the real deal, so you're totally out of your league if you really had to get into a fight with them. But they were very helpful and made me look good."

The premiere, which also celebrated the American Film Institute, was followed by an afterparty at Catch LA. Affleck mingled with Sue Kroll, Kevin Tsujihara and co-star Anna Kendrick for a majority of the time. And at 10:40 p.m. it was a domino effect for the stars of the movie as Affleck skipped out first, followed a minute later by Kendrick, then Simmons and John Lithgow.

The Accountant hits theaters Friday.