Ben Affleck Teases 'Batman v Superman,' Cuddles with Puppies with Jimmy Fallon

Ben Affleck plays Pup Quiz on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

The 'Batman' star introduced a clip from the film and later played Pup Quiz on Thursday's episode.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to talk about the overwhelming hype of his new film, and to later play for puppies. Affleck, who has been making his rounds promoting the latest DC franchise, jokingly compared the action-packed superhero film to his previous roles. 

"It's a little bigger than Argo ... we had screens half this size," said Affleck. He later said the Mexico City screening for 10,000 people "was not quite the Gone Girl premiere."

Fallon started to read reviews of Affleck's take as Batman in the highly anticipated film, but Affleck interrupted Fallon to say that the reviews don't define "the big exciting, fun, explosive movie."

"Don’t scare people into thinking this is a critical film," said Affleck. "It’s an audience movie. People actually like this movie."

A short clip from Batman v. Superman was also shown featuring Bruce Wayne/Batman (Affleck) telling Alfred (Jeremy Irons) why Superman must be destroyed. 

Affleck also discussed his Eastern Congo Initiative aimed at supporting Congolese coffee farmers. The initiative has recently partnered with Starbucks, which has bought over 11 million cups of the coffee to sell to customers, nearly trippling 25,000 Congolese farmers' incomes. 

Affleck later played the game segment Pup Quiz with Fallon, where they played for golden retriever puppies dressed in Batman and Superman dog costumes. In the end, Fallon and Affleck were both winners as they each sat in lounge chairs while holding multiple puppies in honor of National Puppy Day on Wednesday.

Watch Ben Affleck play with puppies below.