NBC Accused of Editing Religion Out of Ben Breedlove Viral Clip (Video)

Ben Breedlove

The Texas teen, who documented his rare heart condition before it killed him on Christmas, admitted believing in God and angels -- something MSNBC seemingly skirted over in a televised report.

Ben Breedlove, a 18-year-old from Austin, Texas, gained national attention this week when a video he made before his Dec. 25 death went viral.

Documenting his life, advice for other teenagers and the rare heart condition that killed him in a series of YouTube clips, Breedlove's final video focused on how his many near-death experiences shaped his life. It surpassed 2 million views and found its way onto several televised news broadcasts. But an NBC report skipped one of his key points.

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Conservative blog Daily Rushbo notes that MSNBC's segment on Breedlove seemed to edit out his admission of faith in God.

At one point in the video, which is narrated, silently, through messages on note cards, Breedlove asks viewers if they believe in "Angels and God." In the YouTube video, he follows that card with one that reads "I do." The original MSNBC broadcast, however, fades out just as he begins to pull it up.

The segment, as it originally aired, is still available on YouTube, where the apparent edit is visible. On MSNBC's website, there is an altered version that shows the "I do" card. What remains unclear is whether the fade out was accidental or intentional.

Watch both clips below and judge for yourself.

Breedlove's clip, as it aired on MSNBC:

Breedlove's clip, as it appears on MSNBC's website: