Ben Carson Buries "the Hatchet," Endorses Donald Trump for President

Ben Carson - H 2016
Getty Images

Ben Carson - H 2016

The retired neurosurgeon called the billionaire businessman "very cerebral."

PALM BEACH, Florida (AP) — Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he and Donald Trump have "buried the hatchet" after months of political wrangling, and he is endorsing the GOP frontrunner's White House bid.

At a press conference in Palm Beach, Fla., on Friday, Carson, who left the race earlier this month, described "two Donald Trumps" — the persona reflected onstage and a private, "very cerebral" person who "considers things carefully."

In his introduction of Carson Friday, Trump described the retired neurosurgeon as a "special, special person — special man" and a "friend" who is respected by everyone.

Carson warned that it is "extremely dangerous" when political parties attempt to "thwart the will of the people," and he urged politicians to "strengthen the nation," rather than create divisions.