Ben and Jerry’s 'Saturday Night Live' Flavor, 'Schweddy Balls,' Not Welcome in Some Stores

Schweddy Balls Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - P 2011

Schweddy Balls Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - P 2011

Over a month after the limited release of the "Saturday Night Live"-inspired ice cream flavor, only 30 percent of participating retailers are selling it.

More and more people are proving resistant to Alec Baldwin's "schweddy balls."

After Benny & Jerry's unveiled its limited edition ice cream flavor of the same name, inspired by the punchline of a Saturday Night Live skit starring the six-time host, a parent group called for a boycott.

STORY: Ben and Jerry’s 'Schweddy Balls' Angers Parents Group

One Million Moms labeled the combination of vanilla ice cream and fudge-covered rum and malt balls "vulgar" and "repulsive." Now, the AP reports some supermarkets may agree.

Though no chain will admit its a response to pressure from One Million Moms, many stores, Stop & Shop among them, just aren't stocking the flavor.

Ben & Jerry's insists it's the company's most popular limited-edition flavor ever released -- though a spokesperson also said that is only being stocked in roughly 30 percent of retailers that sell its products.

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"We've heard from lots of folks who are fans of the flavor," says Ben & Jerry's spokesman Sean Greenwood. "Yes, some supermarket chains decided not to carry Schweddy Balls. That is true, possibly because they found the name too irreverent. We respect their decision."

The Vermont-based ice cream company released Schweddy Balls in September, 13 years after the skit originally aired.