Ben Kingsley's 'Tut' Goes to Germany's Tele-Munchen

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Ben Kingsley (CAA, the U.K.'s Independent Talent, Stone Meyer) is in negotiations to join "Ender's Game," Odd Lot's sci-fi film adaptation of the novel by Orson Scott Card. Asa Butterfield ("Hugo") and Hailee Steinfeld ("True Grit") star.

Muse Entertainment is producing the miniseries about Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun for Spike TV

Herbert Kloiber's German mini-major Tele-Munchen has picked up all rights for German-speaking Europe to Tut, the new six-part miniseries on the life of legendary Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley stars in the series alongside Avan Jogia (Twisted) who will play Tutankhamun and Alexander Siddig (Da Vinci’s Demons). Kingsley will play Ay, the Grand Vizier to King Tut. Canada's Muse Entertainment is producing for Spike TV. Tut is currently shooting on location in the deserts of Morocco.

David Von Ancken (Hell on Wheels) is directing the series and will executive produce alongside Muse's Joel S. Rice and Michael Prupas, Greg Gugliotta, Elice Island Entertainment’s Jeremy Elice and Angela Mancuso. Sharon Levy, executive vp of Spike, will also receive an executive producer credit on Tut.

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Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Ben Kingsley, not Avan Jogia, would play Tutankhamun in the miniseries. The Hollywood Reporter regrets the error.