Benderspink books 'Area 52'


Benderspink has acquired rights to "Area 52," a comic book by Brian Haberlin.

The story follows a group of misfit soldiers stationed at a remote military base in Antarctica who learn that they are guarding a storage facility in which top-secret, otherworldly technologies and weapons are kept and analyzed. A murderous alien, hatched from something believed to be an artifact, stalks the soldiers, who must team to defeat it.

Chris Bender and JC Spink will produce with Quattro partner Jim Strader. Haberlin will executive produce.

Quattro-repped Haberlin, a comic book writer and co-creator, is the editor in chief at Todd McFarlane Prods. He recently developed "Badlands" at TNT -- based on his upcoming comic -- alongside exec producers Charles Segars and Bob Cooper, and "Aria" at Sci Fi Channel alongside exec producer David Kirschner.

Strader is developing "Hawaiian Dick" with producer Craig Perry, based on the comic book from creator B. Clay Moore. Frank Coraci is attached to direct. He also is developing an adaptation of the horror comic "The Hunger" with Hugh Jackman's Seed Prods.

Benderspink is in postproduction on "Killers" for Element and Lionsgate, while the company's Bender and Mason Novick, respectively, are producing "The Ruins" for DreamWorks and "Juno" for Fox Searchlight.