Benedict Cumberbatch Asked Santa For a Lightsaber (But Didn't Get One)

Benedict Cumberbatch

The actor reveals his childhood wish-list and criticizes holiday materialism as part of the Letters Live series.

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed possibly one of the biggest disappointments of his otherwise moderately successful 39 years: he didn't get a toy lightsaber as a child. 

In a public message to Santa Claus written on behalf of the Letters Live series, the actor claimed that despite asking for the Star Wars toy when he was a boy, it never arrived.

On a more serious note, however, he said that Santa had been "bastardized to represent materialism gone mad," and that his image has been "changed into different colors by corporations" despite origins that were a "million thought miles" from demands for Christmas presents.

He urged Santa to give "more time for children to be children" and to "stretch the moment of magic and playfulness."

"Distract them from the realities of a world gone mad so that they can laugh with their breath rather than sob with their tears. Especially those caring for family members, or suffering illness, hunger or poverty. Especially those hiding in buildings as bombs rain down, or being handed shaking with fear or cold into a boat to escape environmental disaster or war. Please help to light up their worlds with a moment of joy and hope," he wrote.

"When I think about it you've got it tough this year... And when I really think about it I'm not sure that asking you for a lightsaber and getting one (not that I ever did by the way) is equatable with controlling the space time continuum and making the good of childhood last a little longer."

Signing off on an only-ever-so-slightly cheerier note, he apologized for burdening Santa with such mammoth requests. 

"I promise to leave some extra port and mince pies for you!"