This Is What Happens When Benedict Cumberbatch Drinks Vodka

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How one actor saved the Internet

Anything involving Benedict Cumberbatch is always a delight, and fans were especially thrilled when the actor joyfully photobombed U2 at the Academy Awards this year. The actor talked about his reasons behind it in a new interview with Time Out London.

"Yes, I photobombed U2!" said Cumberbatch. "But that was all Ellen DeGeneres’s fault because she plied everyone with vodka on the red carpet. Her team was handing out these miniatures. A friend really wanted me to get a photo with U2. So I just saw the opportunity and I’ve never felt an impulse like it. I spotted them all standing around and I thought: Perfect! It wasn’t preordained or anything. I just did it."

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The Imitation Game actor also chatted about his now-famous ALS ice bucket challenge video. "Yes, well, Tom Hiddleston had done it once, and then the Internet was asking when I was going to do it and if I’d wear a white T-shirt apparently. And I actually did wear a white T-shirt for the last one, which they [the fans] were apparently quite happy about, so I was saving the Internet!"

Yes, B.C., yes you were. And you are saving it all over again with your talk of photobombs, vodka and videos where you stand naked and pour ice water on yourself. Give this man his Oscar already.