Benedict Cumberbatch: "I Am Not the Voice of the 'Star Wars' Trailer"

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Amy Adams presented the accolade to Benedict Cumberbatch of The Imitation Game. "Gosh, you make microphones small in this part of the world!" he said onstage. "[Alan Turing] was and is a hero of all time, I think, a man who is a gay icon, who didn't deny his nature, his being, and for that he suffered. … This is a story that celebrates him, that celebrates outsiders; it celebrates anybody who's every felt different and ostracized and ever suffered prejudice."

The 'Sherlock' star also denied being the "hooded character with the rather cool new lightsaber"

After somewhat intense rumors began swirling following the release of the 88-second teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Friday, Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he's not in the clip, nor is he in the movie at all.

Speaking at the London Evening Standard Theater Awards on Sunday, the Sherlock star was quick to "put that one to bed" when asked.

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"I am not the voice of the Star Wars trailer, nor am I the hooded character with the rather cool new lightsaber," he said, as quoted by the Radio Times. The actor also denied that he was in the film at all.

Several names were initially linked with the voiceover at the start of the trailer that warns of "an awakening," with Cumberbatch being the most popular despite his name not being listed in the official cast lineup.

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But the word online — although not confirmed — is that the voice belongs to Andy Serkis, who is part of the film's cast.

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Serkis' reps and Disney for comment.