Benedict Cumberbatch Performs "Mad Lib Theater" With Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'

Benedict Cumberbatch on Tonight Show Screengrab - H 2016
The Tonight Show/YouTube

The actor also asked Fallon for tips for his first 'SNL' hosting gig on Nov. 5.

Benedict Cumberbatch continued his press tour for his new movie Doctor Strange with a visit to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Thursday.

The pair got off to a groovy start after Fallon congratulated the actor about the news that he and his wife are expecting another child.

The host then cued the house band, which immediately burst into a rendition of Kool & The Gang's "Celebration" as both men showed off their dancing skills.

Afterwards, it was on to the important task of preparing Cumberbatch for his first-ever hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this coming Saturday, Nov. 5.

When asked what he could do to prepare, Fallon doled out some interesting tips that included, making up his own lines and ignoring the words on the sheet, "Lorne loves that!"

The two then played a Q&A round of "Lists of Different Firsts," where Cumberbatch was posed questions that ranged from favorite children's song to favorite body part.

The answers were populated into a scene that the pair eventually acted out for the segment "Mad Lib Theater."

Cumberbatch played Detective Rory while Fallon played the criminal, Mrs. Tate, and the interrogation scene was filled with random verbs and adjectives that came together to create quite a spectacle.

When asked where he was on the night of Hanukkah, Fallon responded, "Watching Superman," before finally confessing, "I needed the money to buy little toe implants."

Cumberbatch's Detective Rory confessed that "every time I see the crime scene, I like to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep" (the answer the actor previously gave when asked about his favorite children's song).

Check out the video below.