Benedict Cumberbatch Says Sketching Helps Him Escape "Nonsense" of Fame

"You try to normalize things as much as you can"

Benedict Cumberbatch says he deals with the "nonsense" of his current fame by normalizing his world with friends, spending time in nature and by sketching.

The Sherlock star has become a one-man pop cultural meme with his every action seemingly going viral these days. With Cumberbatch a strong Oscar contender for his turn as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, the interest in him is only likely to get more intense in the near future.

In an interview on the BBC's The Andrew Marr Show, Cumberbatch was asked about his fame and how he dealt with fans sleeping outside the hotels where he stays. "You try to normalize things as much as you can," he said, adding that the "amount of speculation and the crossover between anyone whose public life and their professional and their private life is hard." 

"I try to normalize it – friends and family, things that I've known longer than any of this nonsense, and nature, moving on from being observed in that manner," he said.

What really brings BC back to Earth is sketching and "a little bit of drawing. I do a little bit of pen and ink, but canvas work has been a little while off. I need the space and a bit more time. … But yeah, I love sketching still. I really love that," he said. 

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