Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock Is Sexier Than Me

"It's great being a sex bomb"

Benedict Cumberbatch isn't letting his fans' obsession with him go to his head. In fact, he's pretty sure Sherlock Holmes is responsible for all of the attention.

The actor spoke about his sex appeal in recent interviews with NPR's Fresh Air and CBS This Morning. On Fresh Air he talked about Sherlock's sexiness, saying, "Being really hyperobjective about it, I kind of … do understand it because he's aloof, he's pretty cold and mean; but he's utterly brilliant, can be incredibly charming, incredibly capable and smart and funny but also flawed. I think he's rather a thrilling person to spend time with."

Then, when getting into the topic of his own sex appeal, he credited the detective for making him famous in that department. "It's a projection of work, and that's why you're right to ask the question about whether Sherlock is sexy, because I sure as hell ain't," said Cumberbatch. "And I've been around for 10 or 15 years before this happened and I wasn't on any lists of the millionth most attractive."

He had a similar conversation while on CBS This Morning. The interviewer asked him how he felt being called a "sex bomb." The actor replied, "It's great being a sex bomb. It makes me giggle." He again spoke about how it's all a projection of his work "rather than what I've got when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror because I've had that shit for the last 10 odd years and, you know, the obsession wasn't there at the beginning." Well, it certainly is now, BC.

Watch and listen to his interviews below, and hear the sweet moment where Cumberbatch talks about how his private life couldn't be in a more "spectacularly wonderful place."