Benedict Cumberbatch's 5 Wildest Interviews

November was quite educational

Cumberfever is in full effect.

Benedict Cumberbatch has been promoting The Imitation Game all over TV, and let's just say it's been enlightening. Here are five highlights from his media tour.

"Your ovaries do still have use!"

During a Live! With Kelly and Michael appearance, Cumberbatch oferred words of consolation to female fans who might be upset about his recent engagement.

 "I'm very happy. I'm a very happy man. I have a great population of fans as well — they're smart, they'll get around to the idea. … Your ovaries do still have use, let me tell you," he said.

Now we know what it sounds like when Benedict Cumberbatch impersonates Tom Hiddleston.

He also takes on Matthew McConaughey, Michael Caine, Owen Wilson and Taylor Swift.



Playing a genius is hard if you are "stupid."

"I suppose being remarkably stupid in comparison to any of these people's abilities is difficult sometimes," Cumberbatch said of playing the likes of Alan Turing,  Stephen Hawking, Frankenstein, Julian Assange and Vincent Van Gogh.



Jon Stewart has a Cumber-crush.

"I want to rip your clothes off and sell it on eBay," Jon Stewart said during his The Daily Show interview with Cumberbatch. Among the other gems from Stewart: ""I guess it'd be the wrong time to ask you to marry me." 


That time he talked about Kim Kardashian's booty.

This actually happened, thanks to Jimmy Fallon.

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