Benedict Cumberbatch's Menacing 'Hobbit' Motion-Capture Video Released

Benedict Cumberbatch Comic Con - H 2014
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Benedict Cumberbatch Comic Con - H 2014

'Sherlock' star completely inhabits the role of Smaug

Just when you thought the Benedict Cumberbatch hysteria couldn't get any bigger, along comes a video of the Sherlock star totally embodying the terrifying dragon Smaug. 

Cumberbatch plays the tyrannical dragon in the upcoming The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and from this motion-capture video we can see the actor isn't holding back, despite the movie version of Smaug being rendered in CGI. 

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With his deep voice and thoroughly posh English accent, Cumberbatch lends Smaug an air of regal menace, which makes things all the more frightening when you know he's about to fly into an unstoppable rage. The people of Dale are certainly in for some bother. 

See the video below. 


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