This Is Why You Should Be Meditating

Jeff Kober Buick - H 2015

Actor and mediation expert Jeff Kober shares destressing tips through Buick's 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive series.

Angelenos, more than anyone else, know the stresses that come with a daily commute. Which is why L.A. was the perfect city for Buick to kick off its 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive series, which had experts in the wellness and lifestyle realms curating in-car experiences designed to give drivers a bit of Zen in the cabin.

Perhaps one of the best methods: meditation. Actor and meditation expert Jeff Kober created a podcast scheduled to go live Aug. 26, but in the meantime he shared with Pret-a-Reporter why meditation is so important. “I really believe in 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening,” he says. “I could actually be wasting my time by not meditating, as I’d be more stressed out. When you fit meditation into your day you bring much more of yourself to all the other hours of your day — you bring your whole self rather than your stressed-out self.”

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As for how to start, Kober admits starting a meditation practice requires research, a little time and money to learn from someone professional. But, “in the meantime, paying attention to your breath — counting breaths — can help take your mind to a quieter place inside.”

All that’s required to meditate, Kober says, is a place where “you can sit with your back supported, your head and neck free, and somewhere you feel safe and comfortable closing your eyes.” He adds that he’ll often meditate in his parked car in L.A., and he’ll even plan to get to a meeting 30 minutes early so he can sit and meditate beforehand. After all, the actor says, “Meditation allows us to deal with life as it is rather than looking at it and comparing it with how we think it’s supposed to be.”